the research

Last year I raised the topic of heritage languages and mentioned that I had begun looking for resources (both language learning resources and information on multilingual parenting). How to raise a multilingual child? As well as looking for language learning resources, I also decided to educate myself on the actual practice of teaching a child… Continue reading the research


the republics of russia challenge

As if trying to read my way around the entire planet isn't challenging enough, I have also decided to try reading my way around the Republics of the Russian Federation. I am planning to also include poems and short stories in this challenge, otherwise it might be impossible to complete (or at least until my… Continue reading the republics of russia challenge

Parenting with an Accent by Masha Rumer

These taunts from strangers have gotten tiring in the past few years. They're no longer funny. Maybe they never were. I've got no energy to explain. I just finished reading Parenting with an Accent by Masha Rumer. I came across the book accidentally via twitter and was instantly drawn in by the title. Despite being… Continue reading Parenting with an Accent by Masha Rumer

the heritage language

One question that all parents of mixed race/heritage children will eventually ask is "which languages should I teach my children?" Even though the topic has been discussed numerous times, it remains a hot topic especially as every family's situation is different. Factors such as language(s) spoken by parents, grandparents and other caregivers, the primary language… Continue reading the heritage language